The Golden Path

The beginning

We just finished out latest assignment and Bear and I were enjoying some a well prepared stew for breakfast. We were later joined by Calin who has gone out early to pick up some supplies. After which we headed out into the marketplace on our way to see the local CO about any further assignments. It was then Calin and I noticed a odd looking fellow shadowing Bear. Thankfully he was not paying as much attention to us, which allowed Calin to slip into the crowd.

Calin stealthily made his way closer to the would be stalker in an attempt to surprise him. Unfortunately he skills failed him when he tried to trip him up and only ended up startling him. In order to defuse the situation I used my powers of persuasion to befriend the strange man and began talking to him in order to find out what was going on. He kept saying Bear was going to kill him, which was outlandish. Bear would not hurt a fly… unless it was a big mutated fly bent on destroying her home town.

Before I could find out why, a bolt struck him in the back, killing him instantly. Once I had ascertained he was dead, I ducked into cover behind a table with Calin. We located the attacker on a rooftop and we prepared to defend ourselves.


[Location: Inn of the Lame Duck (& market area immediately adjacent), Londinium, Capital of Midlandia, a feudal realm which is the largest state in this part of The World]

The beginning

[Attackers are located on the roof of “Miss Early’s Hotel For Young Ladies,” a flat-roofed brothel across the market from where the party has taken cover behind a cheese-seller’s stand.]

The beginning
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